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EBS Talent Showcase

The 17th Annual Talent Showcase! Friday, February 24th, 2023 @ 6:00pm
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Guess what!? We're back IN-PERSON for the 17th Annual EBS Talent Showcase! It's been 3 years since we've been able to celebrate in person and we can't wait! We will be using much of what we learned with the "Virtual" programs over the last 3 years to bring another sellout crowd to the MPR. We invite your child to consider singing, dancing, telling a good joke, or whatever your “talent” has to offer. All acts and ages are welcome!

Changes for 2023

  • Back to In-Person in the MPR!!! Nothing beats a Talent Show & Entertainment in person. However, that means we have to limit submissions to more than we have in the past few years.

  • Video Try-outs / Submissions - no more in-person tryouts - saving time and convenience.

Dates for 2023

  • 1/25 - Sign-ups (Online @ 5:00 PM)  **IMPORTANT** Many Categories Expect to fill up in 24-36 hours

  • 2/3 - "Tryout Video" Submissions Due

  • 2/10 - Performers Notified of Acceptance

  • 2/6 - Tickets for Show go on Sale

  • 2/23 - Dress Rehearsal In-Person @ MPR **MANDATORY**

  • 2/24 - Showtime! @ MPR

IMPORTANT: As of Thursday evening 1/26/23 @ 9:00PM, there are NO more slots available for Musical Instruments or Dance. We are in need of many other categories such as Singing, Martial Arts, Magic, Comedy, Etc. Please spread the word.


  • Every act must “Tryout.” The purpose of the tryout is to ensure your act follows the rules and that you’re able and ready to perform.

  • IMPORTANT - because we will likely have to "Cut" performances, do NOT register if you or your child cannot handle being cut after sending in your tryout submission. Sorry, real life happens too. We just cannot have a 5 hour in-person performance that goes to midnight to accommodate everyone who wishes to participate.

  • Tryouts will be held "virtually" this year by submitting a video of your performance. Videos must be submitted by Friday 2/3/23 at Midnight. Due to the volume of submissions and the work that has to be done for the show, this deadline will be strictly adhered to. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Rules & Notes for Video Tryouts

    • Just as in-person tryouts - your video performance must closely replicate your actual performance especially in length / time.

    • You do NOT have to be in full costume or dress, but it helps both you and us so you might want to consider it. 

    • Directions for how to send your video will be provided later.

  • Criteria for Performances - since we will have to limit the performances, the following guidelines are a guide:

    • Overall variety of the TYPES of acts across the entire show.

    • Overall age range distribution across the entire show.

    • No Duplication of songs.



  • All performers must be currently enrolled at EBS.

  • All acts must be family friendly.

  • Number of Acts - A performer may be in only one (1) solo act but can be in multiple group acts.

  • Time Limits - must be adhered to and will be strictly enforced due to the overall length of the show and the number of acts.

    • Solo acts must be NO longer than ONE (1) minute

    • Group acts must be NO longer than TWO (2) minutes.

  • Act / Submission Limits - Due to the growing popularity of the show, we must limit the number of acts to fit within the time we have allotted for actual performances. The number of acts will depend on how many Solo vs. Group acts we have try-out. Therefore, some acts *may* not make the cut.

  • Music/Songs - You MUST supply your own music/song edited down to 1 or 2 minutes. The song file (mp3, wav or mp4). Details on providing songs will be provided at a later date.

  • Rehearsal - All acts MUST attend in-person mandatory dress rehearsal on Thursday, February 23, 2023 from 3:00pm-6:00pm

  • We photograph and videotape much, if not all, of the show, including some of the rehearsal. By allowing your child to perform in the show, you grant EBS and the AFP permission to publish photographs and videos taken during these events on the school’s and AFP’s websites and social media pages, in the school yearbook, etc. We will do our best to accommodate individual requests, but this cannot be guaranteed.


IMPORTANT: As of Thursday evening 1/26/23 @ 9:00PM, there are NO more slots available for Musical Instruments or Dance. We are in need of many other categories such as Singing, Martial Arts, Magic, Comedy, Etc. Please spread the word.

Calling all Volunteers!

The EBS Talent Showcase is a 3-hour in-person show that requires alot of production, organization and assistance to pull off. It would not be able to happen without a wide range of volunteers. We need parent volunteers and older kids to help  with tasks such as: curtain, backstage, decorations, performer organization, ticket sales, concessions sales, show and audience seating assistance, (student) runners, and more. Please consider helping out!

Questions about volunteering? Send note to 

More to Come


There is much more to come, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, please contact Blake Miller at


Thank you,

Blake Miller
Producer, EBS Talent Showcase

Pictures from 2019

Pictures from our last "in-person" show.

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