Academic Fundraising Partnership

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School

 Through the AFP, every EBS parent or guardian is an integral part of our children's, our school's, and our community's growth, success and well-being .



Debra Toth

AFP would like to thank our Volunteer of the Month, Debra Toth. Although Debra no longer has a child at EBS, we felt that her enormous commitment to EBS had to be recognized. Debra could always be seen helping out at any event the AFP held. She has been an amazing mentor and support to new Board and committee Chairpersons. And this year, with the pandemic, even though her tenure as an EBS parent effectively ended, she stayed true to her commitment to get yearbooks to everyone despite production delays and distribution challenges. Her efforts to make sure everyone got their yearbook is commendable! Truly above and beyond. Thank you, Debra! We will miss you!


Important Illness Info

Dear Parents:

Please be sure to notify the health office or attendance if your child has any confirmed Influenza A, Influenza B, Covid-19, Strep or other communicable illnesses. The health office is tracking all communicable diseases and report to the SDUSD nursing dept. This is done in order to help prevent out-breaks.


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