Super Pledge

Each year, the education budget shrinks. Yet at EBS, our kids thrive! How is this possible?
We do it through the donation of each and every parent. Yearly, to maintain enrichment programs as well as supplement school supplies and training, an estimated $250/student is needed beyond what is provided by the district budget.
Last year, after school began in October, the district requested a teacher back from our faculty which would have caused re-classing of students mid-year and multiple split grade classes. The parents voted to utilize AFP funds to pay for an extra teacher position to prevent this. As a result, a teaching position was saved, reducing class sizes and eliminating the need for combined grade-level classes.
Your Super Pledge donations help cover these programs and surprise occurrences to ensure a smooth and enriching learning environment for our children. Please do watch this short video that explains Super Pledge.

100% of your donation is tax deductable

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