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Morning Run & Walk Club

Daily 8:10 AM - 8:25 AM @ Upper Field
EBS Run Club - 1.jpeg

NOTE: We do NOT wear masks. These pictures were from 2 years ago.

Have Fun and Run (or Walk)! The EBS Morning Run & Walk club is a before-school program designed to get kids out on their feet and enjoy the benefits of running, walking and exercise in general while having fun and being rewarded at the same time!


The club takes place before school between 8:10a-8:25a and runs through most of the year. Students get their laps tracked using the latest technology which gains them points, badges and recognitions throughout the year. Students will have access to an online website portal to view their laps/mileage, progress and rewards. Finally, everyone gets to celebrate all of their accomplishments at the of the year "Run Club Ceremony"

Not a “runner”? Not a problem. Many of the students walk. Many students do a combination “run/walk” or more like a walk / jog. At the end of the day, being out there on your feet and moving is what counts!

Have a younger sibling? Bring them! They can run with us! They can even get a badge to record their laps and win prizes!


Moms & Dads, please join us! We get many parents who equally want to be out there on their feet. You can put on the running shoes and jog with us, or simply walk a few laps before you head off to work!  Plus you get THE BEST parking spots for school drop-off!

Run Club Details

  • Start Date: Wednesday, 8/30/23 (Though you can join in at any time)

  • End Date: Late May 2023

  • Location: Upper Field between EBS & Community Center (See below)

  • Arrive Time: 8:00a

  • Start Time: 8:10a (Sharp)

  • End Time: 8:25a* (Sharp)

  • Distance: 0.25mi / Lap

*We end at 8:25am to allow time for students to get to morning breakfast.

Please Arrive a few minutes early on your FIRST DAY to get a badge and learn how things work.


Be a part of the cause, and the fun! You'll already be there with your child, and if you're not actually running, you could be helping the club. We need parent volunteers to assist with many aspects of the club, and it could be as simple as 1x per week.

  • Tracking / Scanning Laps (using your mobile phone + a special app)

  • Awards and prizes coordinator

  • Drink coordinator (we do "Gatorade Fridays")

  • Other admin duties

Questions or Volunteer?

Contact the Run Club Coordinator Coach Blake Miller at or text at 619-840-3572


So don’t wait any longer! All participants must register to be part of the club and the tracking system. Registration is super simple (I’ve moved it online this year).

Begins 8/30/23
Registration is now OPEN!

Sign up Today!

Where do we Meet?

EBS Run Club Parking & Meeting Spot.jpg

How far do we Run?
(0.25 miles per lap)

EBS Run Club Running Map.jpg
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