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2022 Jog - A Thon Details
Image by Yanapi Senaud

Image by Yanapi Senaud

Image by frank mckenna

Image by frank mckenna

Super Hero Costumes

Super Hero Costumes

Running Children

Running Children

Image by Luísa Schetinger

Image by Luísa Schetinger

Children Playing

Children Playing

Our total school goal this year is to raise $45,000


Jog-A-Thon at EBS is a fun and energized event where our entire school (students, teachers, and staff) spend the day doing laps around our field to energizing music! Students raise donations during the month of May to contribute toward classroom and school-wide goals. All funds raised go directly back to our kids in the form of classroom supplies, teaching/staff needs, and school-wide materials and equipment that will benefit our kids!

What do my donations go towards?

Have you noticed how at EBS we don’t have a summer “back to school” shopping list? It is thanks to the donations from Jog-A-Thon and Superpledge that we can just send our kids to school with their backpacks and lunch sacks! These donations go directly back to our kids. Funds raised go towards:

● Robotics equipment, Maker Space supplies, STEAM advancement

● Fine Artists, Music and Enrichment Supplies, Playground & PE

● Classroom materials, medical & emergency equipment

● Staffing: Computer Lab teacher; Noon Duty; Health Tech; Counselor

What do I need to do?



You will select your child’s classroom teacher & your child’s t-shirt size. It’s that easy!

*Registration does not require a donation - - we are aiming for 100% school registration!



Share on social media and send an email to your friends and family. Every little bit helps and benefits our kids.


Classroom Rewards

● Every class that gets 100% registration will get a otter pop party

● The 1st three classes that get 100% registration get an extra recess

● Every class that meets 100% of their goal raised will get a popsicle party!

● The classroom that most exceeds their collective classroom goal in donations gets to SILLY STRING Principal Sloan!


School-wide Rewards

● $15,000 goal met – Bubble Entrance at school gates w/special guest Super Penguin

● $25,000 goal met – Pajama Day the next day

● $35,000 goal met – Crazy Hair/Hat Day the next day

● $45,000 goal met – Watch Principal Sloan and Coach Champion go head-tohead in a funny obstacle race!

100% of your donation is tax deductable

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