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2022-2023 Super Pledge Drive

Each year, the education budget shrinks. Yet at EBS, our kids thrive! How is this possible?
Girls Having Fun

Girls Having Fun

Painting Eggs

Painting Eggs

Kids at Playground

Kids at Playground



Pencil Bunch

Pencil Bunch

Each year the education budget is reduced, yet at EBS our children are thriving! How is this possible? We do it through the generous donations from families like yours. To maintain enrichment programs and supplement school supplies and training, an estimated $270.00 per student is needed beyond what is provided by the district budget yearly. Your Super Pledge donations help cover essential programs and surprise occurrences to ensure a smooth and enriching learning environment for our children.

Your contributions help support all of our school's online subscriptions which include Happy Numbers, Kodable, Raz-Kids, TumbleBookLibrary, Reading A-Z, BrainPOP and Spelling City. Can you imagine learning without these valuable subscriptions? Student planners, vocabulary, and spelling workbooks are also paid for by EBS families. We also supplement our social studies program with a weekly history magazine. We are always grateful for curriculum support funding which is critical now more than ever and greatly enhance our childrens’ education.

The donations you make this year will profoundly affect the quality of our learning program at EBS. We understand the pandemic has impacted our families in many different ways so please donate any amount you are able. If you can't donate at all this year, that is perfectly fine, too.

Please help us achieve our fundraising goal by
December 16, 2022, so our teachers have assurances that a sufficient budget is available to continue educating at an exceptional level. The donation levels are detailed below, but please know that donations in any amount are very much appreciated.

Your Super Pledge donation will fund the following critical resources and programs for this school year:

2022-2023 Super Pledge

Please Help To Keep EBS Strong

Your donation is 100% tax deductible

Need a Receipt?
Tax ID # 33-0962112
NOTE: Every student that submits their online pledge form (regardless of donation amount) will receive an EBS Spirit Wristband to wear on their wrist! If your child's classroom submits at least 80% of their online pledge forms by November 6, 2022, all students in that class will receive a cool treat!

Pledge Drive Levels &
Thank You Gifts

Emperor Penguin Level

>$620 SUPPORT AGGREGATE PER FAMILY: Guided Group Walking Educational Tour at San Diego Zoo/Safari Park for 2 parents and 2 students+ 2 Logo Stadium blankets + 2 Spirit Wristbands + 2 Car Magnets

King Penguin Level


Stadium Blanket + Car Magnet + Spirit Wristband

Royal Penguin Level


Car Magnet + Spirit Wristband

Macaroni Penguin Level


Spirit Wristband


New 2022-23 EBS

New 2022-23 EBS

Spirit Wristband Design

Car Magnet Design

EBS 2022-23 Magnet.png

EBS Stadium Blanket

EBS Stadium Blanket.jpg


Contact Dr. Suresh Menon,

AFP Fundraising VP

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