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2022 "Virtual" EBS Talent Showcase (ex EBS Idol)

The 16th Annual Talent Showcase! Friday, February 25, 2022 @ 6:00pm Online
EBS Talent Showcase 2022 - Featured Image.jpg

It's here! The EBS 2022 Talent Showcase is back! It's our 16th year and will be virtual again but don't worry, as last year proved, it was a huge hit and we had over 60 performances! Plus, we got to to watch all of the talent at EBS from the comforts of our couches! We will have a dedicated virtual platform to not only watch the show "SimuLive" but also interact and chat with others!

Please consider singing, dancing, telling a good joke, or whatever your “talent” has to offer. All acts and ages (at EBS) are welcome! Signups start soon!

Important Notes for Virtual Showcase

  • The event will be online/virtual (but it will be Live Streamed :) 

  • Private virtual website to watch and engage (chat w others, etc)

  • All performances will be recorded video.

  • Same format as previous years (Maximum 1min Solo, 2min Groups)

  • IMPORTANT - Performances will be included in the show First Come, First Served. Because we are live streaming the show and need to keep it within a reasonable time, we may have to limit the number of submissions that are accepted for the live streamed portion. If we reach our limit, we will include any "spill over" performances in an on-demand version.

Dates for 2022

  • Fri 1/28 @ 8:00am - Registration Open

  • Mon 2/14 @ 6:00pm - All Submission are Due*

  • Fri 2/25 @ 6:00pm - Showtime! (Online/Virtual)

*If your submission does not meet the standards or rules, you will be notified by Wednesday 2/16 @ 5:00pm and given a chance to re-record your performance to be turned in by Monday 2/21 @ 5:00pm to do so.

Instructions **Important Step by Step**

  1. Every performance must be accompanied with a Performer Intake Form (link/button is below) 

  2. The MAXIMUM length of each video performance should not exceed 1 minute for Solo and 2 minutes (for Group of 2 or more) 

  3. Please do NOT add titles to your video. If you have a specific request for titles please include the request in the Registration Form entry or contact us.


    • *SUPER IMPORTANT* Film your video in LANDSCAPE mode. This is where you hold your camera or phone SIDEWAYS. See below.

    • If someone is speaking make sure the camera is close to them and they are in a quiet space.

    • When you start filming, wait 5 or so seconds before you start your action / performance - we will cut the extra time off - its ok to leave it.

    • At the end of filming leave the camera recording for at least 5 seconds again. We can always cut out gaps, but we cannot add missing footage. 

    • Try to hold the camera still - a Tripod is ideal. If someone is filming you have them sit on a chair to make it not shaky. 

  5. Once you have your video and audio clips ready, submit your video from any device - PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. and you will see a DROPBOX REQUEST PAGE (link/button is below).
    The only exception is if you are able to transmit the video via a cloud-based service such as dropbox, google drive, iShare, etc. DO NOT EMAIL your video file nor include them from Facebook, YouTube, etc. The only exception would be if your video is on Vimeo and you allow the download feature (Advanced)

  6. When submitting the video - Use the same name & email as your Performer Intake Form to help identify videos with the entries.

  7. If you have directions or special comments, you must include them in the Registration Entry.

  8. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO IS Wednesday, 2/16/22 at 5:00pm. (The link closes at this time and will no longer accept entries.)

  9. HAVE FUN!!!

2/14/22 - Registration is now CLOSED.
We had over 80 Entries, Thank You!

1. Sign-up Here
2. Submit Video Here



  • All performers must be currently enrolled at EBS.

  • All acts must be family friendly.

  • A child may be in one (1) solo act and one (1) group act, but cannot be in more than one (1) solo act. A child can be in more than one group as long as the group is not made up entirely of other solo performers.

  • Time Limits must be adhered to and will be strictly enforced due to the overall length of the show and the number of acts.

    • Solo acts must be NO longer than ONE (1) minute

    • Group acts must be NO longer than TWO (2) minutes.

  • Even though this year is Virtual . . . We photograph and videotape much, if not all, of the show, including some of the rehearsal. By allowing your child to perform in the show, you grant EBS and the AFP permission to publish photographs and videos taken during these events on the school’s and AFP’s websites and social media pages, in the school yearbook, etc. We will do our best to accommodate individual requests, but this cannot be guaranteed.

EBS Talent Showcase 2021 - 22
EBS Talent Showcase 2021 - 36
EBS Talent Showcase 2021 - 33
EBS Talent Showcase 2021 - 57

There is much more to come, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, please contact Blake Miller at


Thank you,

Blake Miller
Producer, EBS Talent Showcase

Pictures (from 2021 Virtual)

Pictures (from Earlier Years in Person)

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